Reasons to Choose Console: Playstation-4


In 21st century, people have various different kind of hobies for their daily life. Of course some prefers indoor activities while others choose outdoor. However, in technology era many people mostly men, prefer playing games. Game is an important term in our life right now. But, people think different when time is came for game platforms. Especially when the time for talking about game platforms such as playstation (psn) or xbox.

  • Except for the pc, there are two platforms: playstation and xbox. Sony is behind of psn while Microsoft is behind xbox. So what is the difference?
  • First, xbox is cheaper than playstation.
  • We know a power such as Microsoft behind it, that means it has a good support at back. But, when the point is platform such that, sony was first. Sony, still develops and supports its products.
  • On the other hand, xbox has limited games according to playstation.
  • You can even buy psn plus membership so you can take double games free for each month.
  • If we think about numbers, psn members are more crowded than xbox members. So you can play more games with more friends in sony platform.

We need to notice that; however, sony seems to have more advantages than microsoft. But, some games are special just for xbox. So the best option is actually how you feel it. If you are happy in playstation then it is the best, if you are happy in xbox than it is the best.

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