Review: Xiaomi Mi Band-2 Smart Wristband


I would like to mention today about a smart wristband which is made by Xiaomi company. I need to say that I am really addictive on those kind of smart technological tools and I love to use them in my daily life. I think life is getting easier day by day because of those smart tools, and as contrary of many I think we need to get integrated into a life more technological.

When I went to Hong Kong, I feel like I am in paradise in earth. If you are addicted to technology like me, you must go Hong Kong absolutely. If you have chance to go Hong Kong, do not forget to see Shenzen area near Sham Shui Po (If I remember right).

I realized Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband on show window while I was touring golden bazaar in Shenzen area. I know its price more or less in Turkey nearly 32 USD, but it was  21 USD in Hong Kong. So I decided to buy it and did so. It is nearly half a year and now I am really happy with that wristband.

What is Xiaomi Mi Band-2 Smart Wristband Exactly?

It is not a smart watch, note that. It is just a wristband, it looks at least but actually it is more than it.

What kind of features it has?

It has a few functions, however all of them are useful. I do not want to mention about teorical functions like it has a good design for sportive or casual wearings or something else like that, I would like to mention you about it is realistic functions.

1. Date, time, day function
As almost all technological devices, it also has the function to show date, time and day. 

2. Calorie calculation
It calculates how much calorie you lost in a day by considering steps.

3. Step calculator
It counts all your steps in a day

4. Heart rate monitor
It can measure your heart rate

5. Sleep analysis
That one is one of my favourite feature in that band, unbelievable but amazing. It keeps the statictics of your sleeping time. You could get reminder every morning when you wake up and connect the device, so you can see your sleep time analysis like how much time you sleep well or how much time you sleep deep. I personally tested it, I have used and seen that it’s accuracy is too high. 

6. Long-time battery life
I think that is the second of my most favourite features. You could charge the device by a short cable from your computer usb hub in a 2 hour likely. After you charged  it full, it would have 20 days of waiting duration.

7. Changeable cord
That one makes it stronger. Except for its technological features, accessory features are also important. It has different kind of color for cord, you can buy a cord and change it. I suggest you to start with black.

8. Alarm function with buzzing
It may be its best feature. You can set up an alarm by mobile application interface. When the time is come it starts buzzing. Good way to wake up hah.

9. Notification function with buzzing
You can take all of your notifications from your mobile phone like smart watch but with some differences. You can not look and learn details of notification. For instance, if you have a whatsapp message, your wristband buzz and you see a whatsapp icon on your wristband display, that’s all.

10. Move time reminder
It has a feature that normally disabled, but you can enable. It is mostly for office employees probably, if you sit and work more than a limited time it buzz and remind you to move for your health.

Mobile Application and Account and Other Features
It has a mobile application. So you can see and control all features like upside. And so many others waiting to be discovered.

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