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1. Prepare a good presentation

First step to parepare a good presentation is powerpoint presentation. Usually, people benefits from powerpoint presentation while they are presenting something. Prepare your powerpoint but do not forget, keep it enough not so long not so short.

2. Avoid text based slides

Most people, especially university student, prepare a good text and pasted it to powerpoint slides. Just try to imagine yourself as a participant, what do you see? You probably see a little image or not and full of text. This is not good for participants, because they can not read all text even they can see because somebody talk at the same time and if they can not see it is worse than first situation.

3. Put impresssive and also remindering images for flash

Instead of putting full text based slides, make it interesting for everyone. Do not make bored participants, do not get yourself into trouble. Full of text means also you may lost wherever you are and if you can’t follow the line you may be probably confused. In this case there would be a lot of silence moments betweeen each slides. For instance, you have just 3 slides and you will present the company’s logo, suggest for a better one. To give examples put a few global great awarded logos in first slide, put your current logo with some signs address negative features of it and last put both together. You may add some reminderin words like “good color” to underscore when the time is come. So you can use your visual imagination to remember words what will you say and impress also participants.

4. Be confident

Many people fed up at the begining. Why do we say ourselves that we can not succeed even we have to do? Be logical, think reasonable, what is the real problem? We call it lack of confidence. The simpliest way of thinking is that: if someone did it, also you can do! Simple, clear and realistic. Humankind is donated with amazing abilities, just believe yourself and act with confidence. You have the power inside.

5. Read additional materials

If you do all steps, you are not ready yet. Those are your guns, but if you do not have bullets you can not fire. You have to have knowledge about a subject you present. If you don’t make a research even a little bit, participants may come upon you. That would be disruptive for anybody. So, try to understand main frame, have an idea about what you present at least google it. But do not forget that, every information you get grom the internet may not be correct, so be sure about your resource also.

6. Never read from a slide or a note

We all knıow that kind of people. When instructors, teachers at school, university or managers in business life want a presentation about something, we face that people who always stand in front of a crowd and start to read from a slide or a note. Even if he has an awesome presentation, it is not good moreover repellent. So what do you do? Remember, other steps. Put a remindering good high quality image, put a remindering word or title near it, just look sometimes at the present and turn participants, start to present. Professionals call it visual memory, discover it.

7. Take your time and use it efficient

Take your time, do not be so quick to finish early or do not last it so long unnecessarily. You need to arrange it well as it must be. You can see if you look at participants while you are presenting whether they are bored or getting more enthusiastic. Sometimes you may have to finish earlier than you think or keep lasting it more than you think. You need to feel it, do not ask how, you will understand when the time is come. Professionals call also this as time management.

8. Gain participants’ support

Think like your listeners, participants. Everybody get bored in time during a presentation. Research show that each people has a different focus time but absolutely it has a limit. So, to keep it under control, you need to take your participants’ support. You could prevent your participants from getting bored. And how you should do it? You need to take their attraction. Some target groups available to ask questions like in universities, schools or situations suitable for more informal relations while some others not like business groups or interview presentations you could use your feelings in those kind of professional moments. For instance, if you present an idea to your manager, implement all the steps but also follow your participants, look at them feel them. If you feel the manager is getting bored, you should skip boring or uninportant parts of presentation quickly and undercore the strong part of your presentation.

9. Make people feel that you are aware and among them

Most intstructors are robots for participants at least they may think like that. Unfortunately, participants may be prejudice before come to presentation. To break that kind of taboos you need to make them feel like you are a person just like them. Not every environments but for many. It commonly may sound sympathetic for participants. Try to read their mind, in each step we suggest you to understand participants but do not forget your focus is presentation, do not exaggerate and exert with people.

10. Take attention, finish well

Last but not least, make your final like a star. When you finish it, nobody should ask a question himself such as what was the point in that presentation. Do not ask for comments or do not force your participants to make a comment it may be disruptive for somebody. If it is awesome, they do say it. Just thank everybody for listening after you finish. However, do not forget that, in many interviews some people may prefer not to say even if you are perfect. In fact, you may think you are not chosen after an interview presentation; but you understand at last you were perfect. Be cool, relax, self-confident and just focus your presentation; the rest would come itself. Follow our Business Life category to improve yourself. Good luck!




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