About Us

What is our aim?

Risk Revise is a kind of modern blog which aims to have some analysis, articles, evaluations, assessments and so on about international relations, security, technologies and also finance. In developing modern world, internet is the most powerful source that everybody could reach and use effective. In our belief, Risk Revise is like a wisedom village that everybody come and stay as they need. We try to share our knowledge, information and all what we have as we can. Having knowledge without sharing is selfish, it is not enough to keep the right information. We need to discuss, develop and share, that is why we are here right now.

Our main purpose is to share valuable information regularly without any directive affect. All studies would be under scientific, academic frame. You can follow us, join us and share with us anytime when you would. If we need to have a slogan, it would be:

Sharing knowledge is a grace, to appreciate is also.

In this case, we demand you to join among us. Read them, share them and make a comment for them. Please do not hesitate to contact with us for any question in your mind.