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How to Make a Perfect Presentation

1. Prepare a good presentation First step to parepare a good presentation is powerpoint presentation. Usually, people benefits from powerpoint presentation while they are presenting something. Prepare your powerpoint but do not forget, keep it enough not so long not so short. 2. Avoid text based slides Most people, especially university student, prepare a good […]

Strategic Management Concepts

Today’s world is growing faster by technology and also new methodologies around business. These new thesis and methodologies helps business organizations especially in their developing process. As we know all organizations need to develop while the world is changing. Because changing is only thing never changes. In that case, strategic management is mostly used in […]



Reasons to Choose Console: Playstation-4

In 21st century, people have various different kind of hobies for their daily life. Of course some prefers indoor activities while others choose outdoor. However, in technology era many people mostly men, prefer playing games. Game is an important term in our life right now. But, people think different when time is came for game […]



Byzantine Fault Tolerance in Blockchain System

What is Byzantine Fault Tolerance? Byzantine Fault Tolerance is a term based on old Byzantine times even it is now related with blockchain. Actually the theory based on “two general problems” term. Imagine that Byzantine army surrounded a castle such as image. The army surrounds castle in well shape and try to implement a plan which […]


What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin, with its short code BTC, is an electronic money unit which is not belong to any central bank, state or official institution. It has been the most used money unit in deep web. BTC could be seperated after comma to 100 million digits. It started with a manifesto on 3rd January […]